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Let the light hit and fade you into nothingness

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activism, advice, american beauty, ani difranco, anime, anne rice, ar, asia, backpacking, beanies, better than chocolate, bicycles, bikes, bikini kill, boa, bond, books, broken social scene, bush, bust, but i'm a cheerleader, candy, carlos santana, carnegie, cereal, chosing, coldplay, computers, critical mass, crushes, cuddling, culture, dancing, daria, day-dreaming, ddr, death, def poetry, democrats, differences, disappearing, dredlocks, dvds, dyke drama, ella fitzgerald, ellen, estrojam, eve ensler, everclear, fantasy, feminism, fireworks, friends, friendship, girls, glasses, guerilla girls, guitar, hats, hats with ears, hikaru utada, holding hands, honesty, hoodies, isis, janet jackson, japan, jimi hendrix, kissing, kyoko mori, languages, lauryn hill, le tigre, leisha hailey, lenny kravitz, lesbians, life, locs, love, maaya sakamoto, madeleine l'engle, magic, manga, marvin gaye, matchbox twenty, md players, music, mythology, namie amuro, nat king cole, natalie imbruglia, natural hair, noise, photography, pictures, piercings, pittsburgh, political satire, politics, pretzels & porn, queer theory, queers, rain, rainy days, ray bradbury, reading, rebecca walker, riot grrl, riot grrrl, short hair, silence, sleater-kinney, sleeping, soft spots, stars, summer, sunsets, sushi, talking, tattoos, temptations, the boondocks, the l word, the lounge, thinking, time, tokion, tokyo.sora, toni morrison, touching, tower b, toys, traveling, truman capote, university of pittsburgh, vagina monologues, vanessa mae, video games, wicked, women, women's studies, writing, zines, 日本, 日本人, 日本語